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Yelp! Employee Writes Open Letter To CEO Complaining That She Isn’t Paid Enough, Gets Fired

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It’s Been A Big Week For Catastrophic Open Letters

You may remember from last week the backlash one San Francisco tech entrepreneur received after he published an open letter to the city’s mayor asking him to address the problem of the growing homeless population in the Bay Area, because like, it was totally unfair that he had to see all those smelly people on his way to work.

It seems like people in the Bay Area really don’t think before they publish these “open letters,” because this week YET ANOTHER San Francisco tech worker published an open letter that subsequently earned her a fair bit of backlash — it even cost her her job.

woman writes open letter to Yelp! CEO, loses her job

Source: Twitter @itsa_talia

The woman in question is Talia Jane, who, until recently, worked for Yelp! as a customer service representative. When she published a letter to the Yelp! CEO on her blog complaining about her job with the company, she was promptly fired, straight from the top. Her manager never even knew about it!

Keep reading to find out what she said in her letter – was it worth losing her job over?