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YouTube Channel Transforms Hollywood Blockbusters Into LEGO Masterpieces

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One Brick at a Time

Did you love playing with LEGO® bricks when you were younger? Or maybe you’re an AFOL—adult fan of LEGO—and still create entire worlds brick-by-brick in your free time. For brothers Andrea and Antonio Toscano, both of these are true.

The Toscano Brothers turned their love for filmmaking and LEGO products into art when they started the Toscano Brick page on YouTube. From superhero movies to Fifty Shades, the pair has gained international recognition and internet stardom for their uncanny ability to reproduce movie trailers completely in LEGO bricks.

toscano bricks intro

Source: YouTube/ Toscano Bricks

While their latest video, a compilation of 2015’s biggest Hollywood blockbusters, is going viral at the moment (nearly 50,000 views in 24 hours), this isn’t the first time the Toscano brothers have made headlines.

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