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Zachary Quinto Talks Gay Hollywood, New ‘Star Trek,’ and Same Old Politics

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Is Trump boldly going where no politician has gone before?

At 39-years-old, flawlessly-coiffed and frequently bespectacled Zachary Quinto always looks like he knows something we don’t. What is Quinto’s great secret, and why won’t he share it? We may never know, but when the actor sat down for an interview with Time earlier this week, he touched on some very important truths that all of his fans should be aware of in light of recent events in our country.

Famous for his varied roles on 24, Heroes, American Horror Story, and even the short-lived VH1 sitcom So NoTORIous, Quinto is a dexterous actor who approaches his work with a certain severity we can only assume comes from his Catholic school background and Irish-Italian, Pennsylvania upbringing by his single mother.

Zachary Quinto started his film career after being cast as a young Spock in J.J. Abram’s 2009 Star Trek reboot, an alternate telling of one of sci-fi’s most popular franchises which would go on to spawn two sequels. As the third film (though, likely, not final) film prepares for its American release on July 22, Quinto has been cast into the limelight once again for his portrayal of the iconic Spock, which Abrams said he’s approached with “gravity and an incredible sense of humor.”

While speaking with Time, however, Quinto remarked that the events of the upcoming Star Trek movie, though set in the far reaches of the Galaxy, closely mirror the current political scene of the United States.

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Is Trump just as bad as Khan?