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Zoo Criticism Intensifies Following Killing of Rare Gorilla

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Justice in an age of internet.

The internet is angry.

Of course, the internet is always angry. Debate spreads like wildfire igniting impassioned feelings about the topic du jour. One recent topic—zoos.

In the couple past weeks, people have twice wound up, both deliberately and accidentally, in the enclosures of dangerous animals at the zoo. In both cases, this lead to drastic measures on the part of zookeepers—two lions and a rare gorilla were killed. Now, an outcry for animal justice is spreading the web. But, perhaps, we’re the ones who are beginning to act more like caged animals behind the bars of our computers.

While the killing of these animals is being portrayed as arbitrary, we forget how arbitrary the public’s own reactions become. As mob-like reactions erupt, it’s important to consider the facts and underlying issues that don’t get the same amount of attention on the news and social media.

harambe dead gorilla with boy

Source: YouTube @TomoNews US

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