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10 Interesting Facts About Sperm

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They just keep swimming.

As an adult, how much do you know about sperm? Whether you’re a man or a woman, sperm is a very important topic. I’m pretty sure we all know the basics: there are millions of sperm swimming in testicles, and it only takes one to swim to a woman’s egg and impregnate her. But what else? Did you know that sperm can live inside a woman for two days? That if she has sex, there’s a chance she won’t get pregnant until two days later? There are a lot of facts about sperm that I’m sure you don’t know or haven’t even heard of.

Swimming sperm

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Here are other things you didn’t know about sperm.

Allergic Reactions

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Sperm may seem pretty harmless when it touched the outside of your body, but not everyone can handle it. Some who are exposed to sperm, both men and women, may experience redness, itchiness and even burning sensations.

Eating Changes Taste

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We’ve all heard that you are what you eat and pretty much what goes in affects what comes out. Eating healthy makes a big difference when it comes to the taste of sperm. Foods like coffee, alcohol and red meat don’t help. Put that down and pick up fruit! In fact, it’s been said that eating pineapple can make sperm taste better.