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10 Reasons Why You Should Become an Uber Driver Today

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Uber is the future of making money and being your own boss.

We’re living in a new world fueled by technology and social media that helps us to connect to people in our town we’ve never met as well as citizens the world over. One of the most successful businesses to come out of this new society is Uber. Everyone will tell you just how much they love Ubering around town, especially when they want to have a fun night and not worry about anything. But what made this peer-to-peer car service so successful with riders and drivers when anyone can just hail a cab? Let’s find out now.

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The Birth of Uber

Uber began its life in 2009 as a way to connect licensed taxi drivers with riders in need using a smartphone app, but the business eventually decided to use regular people and their own cars. This innovation in peer-to-peer business led to a sense of community among drivers and riders instead of just paying a taxi employee to give you a drive.

Taxi Trouble

In large cities, getting a taxi can be a huge hassle for riders. If they can find where cabs are waiting or if they can successfully hail one while it’s moving, the cab drivers may not take them where they need to go. Some cities have enacted laws that force cab drivers to drive people to their desired location they’re in the car. But that’s only if they allow them to enter the vehicle first. It’s not a good situation for anyone. But with Uber, riders are confident that they can get to where they’re headed because the friendly drivers know where riders want to go before they even pick them up. This creates confidence and trust for riders, and they’ll use the service frequently. You’ll never run out of riders!

Nice and Easy

The Uber Partner app makes working as an Uber as easy as possible. Once you’re online, you are shown a map with traffic information, local events, and messages to get your started. You will be notified when someone is requesting a ride close to you, and you can accept or deny the request. When you accept it, you will be shown directions on how to get to them as well as a cell number where you can reach them if you need to. You can also see your earnings and ratings in real time. You can also see where in your town prices are surging so you can decide where to work to make more money. Once the rider inputs their pick-up and drop-off locations, they know what the fare will be approximately, so there is no arguing over a price.

Cashless System

For safety and swiftness, and just to keep things as uncomplicated as possible, riders’ credit cards are charged as soon as the ride is over and the app asks the rider to rate the driver so you know how you’re getting along with people. Instead of trying to calculate splitting up a fare once the ride is over, the passengers already know the price, and you don’t have to wait for your passengers to fumble around looking for cash. You never have to fear getting stiffed! And your earnings are deposited into your bank account weekly or you can transfer them instantly to a debit card with Instant Pay.

Best Promotions Ever

Unlike cabs, Uber wants to endear itself to its users by occasionally putting on some incredible promotions like delivering kittens to people’s door just to play with for a while, or delivering locally-made ice cream. That sounds like such a fun work day!  And that’s when they got the idea to make a breakthrough in the lunch industry that has everyone salivating for more…

Hungry, Hungry Uber

UberEats is the newest service available from the car service. Before this extremely popular service, people were limited to get food from restaurants that already had delivery services, but delivered lunch and dinner options are so much more expanded now that Uber is in the game. People simply look up the restaurants that are available for UberEats, select their dishes, and you pickup the food before bringing it to their home, office, or party. This is a great option for drivers who don’t want to take passengers at the time.

No Shows

Uber wants to do right by it’s drivers; they are the lifeblood of the service. So if your rider just doesn’t show up to your car within some minutes or they cancel the ride after you’ve been driving to them for five minutes, the ride will be canceled, and they will be charged a fee that goes to you. You don’t have to worry about wasting your time once you’ve agreed to a ride.


Uber is in over 100 countries in the world; there’s 196 countries on Earth. That’s impressive! It seems like everyone needs a ride from their neighbors sometimes. So if you love making money with Uber, but want to make a big move, you can pick up where you left off once you get a car and license wherever you are.

Be Your Own Boss

Uber drivers love the fact that they can control their own work life. They can stop and start whenever they want which is perfect for someone who has an unusual schedule and can’t hold down a traditional job. They can also work as much or as little as they want in their own, comfortable vehicle. There’s also an unintended perk for drivers…

Making Friends

Because you’re giving rides to a variety of people in your own town, you have the ability to meet new people all the time, and maybe make new friends. You’ll definitely have some stories to tell about the fascinating riders you encounter. In China, drivers took on Uber as a way to just meet people locally since the country is so large and making new connections can be hard. Some drivers said that they would take just meeting people through Uber over making money from them.

A Clear Winner

It’s easy to see why Uber is the car service choice of the new local-centric, technological, interconnected world. Don’t be surprised when your friends say that they’re obsessed with Uber and want to use the service to go out on the town safely and soundly.