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100 Naked Women Protest the RNC Holding Just These…

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An Unexpected Development

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Perhaps one of the most interesting parts of this project was that Tunick has been planning it since 2013, long before Trump was even a candidate, not to mention the presumptive nominee. Though he’s pleased at how ridiculous the race is turning out thus far, Tunick planned on protesting the RNC regardless of the candidates, namely because of typical Republican Party platforms and how they are often designed to control and oppress women.

Speaking of the female models, Tunick wrote: “They did not know where they were going to pose when they signed up to be part of this art action, it could have been in the epicenter of the security zone, but they still wanted to participate. Our concept was for 100 women to pose with 100 mirrors. Our location was secret to keep the women safe and would only allow for a small number of participants. But 1800 women would have shown up naked in front on the steps of the convention to make art with what may be the most controversial subject in this presidential race, a woman’s body.”

While Trump has been called out for misogynistic comments both before and during the race, his newly-announced running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, has been reproached by women and progressives nationwide for his severe abortion restriction laws. She the project in action on the next page…

Art in Action

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Though the Everything She Says Means Everything project packed a powerful punch in terms of the significance and importance of the female body, which is too often controlled by men and antiquated laws, Tunick is not without his critics.

Since the start of his career, many have argued that a man profiting from naked female bodies counteracts any feminist agenda Tunick might have. Others argue that he uses nude models simply for the attention the nude body attracts and not for a deeper or more artistic cause.

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