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11 Cell Phones WAY Too Desperate For a Charge

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Battery Life = Real Life

The struggle is real to keep your phone charged. Above a comfortable 70% is ideal, but you know once you start to seeing that numberer dip south of 30% your hands start to sweat, and you start thinking about when your next opportunity to find an outlet might be. Were you even smart enough to carry a charger with you that day? Could you borrow one from your coworker? How will you check-in at dinner? How will you tweet your witticisms? How will you scroll through endless streams of photos on Instagram for entertainment at the gym?

We are iPhone addicted. And all we need is enough battery life until we make it to our permanent bedside chargers late at night. But when people can’t quite make it, they start to get real desperate. Let me show you what I’m talking about…

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cell phone charger fail

Source: Twitter @kaylabestor

Keep reading to see these desperate phones!

Charge It Old School

iphone fail

Source: Imgur/@L1nds3yLoo

This is what happens when you let 16-year-olds drive cars from the 90s. They don’t even know what goes in there.

Jerry-Rigged Charger

iphone charger plugged into wall


Too cheap to buy a new one, but totally prepared to die.