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11 Examples of the Worst Pickup Attempts Ever

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Why are men like this?

If you are a woman, there is a good chance that you have dealt with the annoying techniques that men use to get a woman’s attention. Whether they use a corny or cliché line, attempt to touch you in a seductive manner, or stare at you incessantly, women can’t seem to avoid the savagery of men.

A bunch of women united together in a Reddit thread, where they shared some of the worst techniques that were used on them to try and pick them up.

From using really cheesy quotes out of books and movies, to pulling fake pranks, some men don’t seem to understand the right ways to hit on women.

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Find out what some of the worst pickup lines in the game are.

Flip Phone Squad

First Date Mistakes

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Back in high school when flip phones were cool a boy who liked me would put his phone on the floor with the antenna out and then stomp the antenna so it would flip the phone up and catch it. The last time he missed and just straight stomped his phone to bits. (blkwaterchld)

Made in China

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This guy tried to impress me at a bar by telling me how he worked in the military. He had that kind of braggy attitude that makes people uncomfortable. Telling me how he’s trained to kill and knows how to use SO many weapons, and fly this and drive that, and knows hand to hand combat. I mean I don’t know anyone in the military, so who was I to say that some people didn’t behave like that. But it seemed so showy. He then “accidentally” dropped his dog tags on the ground. Which also seemed weird. Who brings their dog tags to a bar and also aren’t you supposed to wear them? Anyways, I was quicker to picking them up, he made a big deal about me looking at them, saying I wasn’t even supposed to touch them, as I was handing them back it clearly said “Made in China” stamped on the back. (androgynous_potato)