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12 Dogs That Are Probably Bears

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Am I a Dog… Or A Bear?

Sometimes it’s impossible to tell whether an adorable pup was birthed by a den of bears or a pack of dogs. They look like bears, they walk like bears, they yawn like bears, they’re unBEARably adorable, and at the end of the day they act as our teddy bears and give us cuddles. So let’s give three cheers to the most bearlike buddies that we’ve found on the internet. Even they can’t tell whether they’re dogs or bears — but we’re totally cool with that.
You do you, dogbears!

panda bear dog

Source: Reddit @bitch_im_a_lion

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Panda Pup

panda bear dog

Source: Reddit @bitch_im_a_lion

I’m sensing a dye job might be involved here.

Beary Ticklish


Source: Imgur

This one is definitely a bear. You can’t tell me it’s not.