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12 Famous Movie Scenes Ruined by Extras

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A brief warning: the scenes you’re about to see might ruin some classic movies for you. Why? Because the extras that you typically never notice will become front and center as they make bloopers that slipped into the final cut. From stormtroopers to cheering crowds, once you see these mistakes, you’ll never be able to un-see them.


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Watch these extras ruin these scenes


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These stormtroppers are in such a rush one forgets to let the door reach the ceiling. Watch the stormtrooper on the right if you want to laugh!

Back to the Future to Pee

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I’ve never seen this one before, but now I can’t STOP seeing it. The little boy, “Vern” has to use the potty, and as Doc talks, he points at himself and motions for someone to come to him. Worse is seeing the boy’s tormented face while he waits for the scene to end.