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12 Terrifyingly Vicious Pit Bulls

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As stated by the National Animal Control Association: “Dangerous and/or vicious animals should be labeled as such as a result of their actions or behavior and not because of their breed.” Yet Pit Bulls are constantly labeled as one of the most dangerous and unpredictable dog breeds out there because violence must somehow be inherent deep in their DNA.

While the numbers against Pit Bulls do reveal they have the potential to be dangerous, when raised under loving circumstances they can make happy, safe, adorable companions. Here’s proof…

cat cuddles pit bull

Source: Reddit/@wetzler09

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It’s Time to Clean Up Your Act, Sir

pit bull taking a bath

Source: Imgur @tbydom

Quite possibly the best behaved doggy in a shower ever.

Typical Violent Pit Bull

pit bull with bunnies

Source: Reddit @itsmrcool

Close your eyes if this gets to be too much for you.