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12 Things in a Man’s Life That Women Need to Know

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single dad with baby

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lolroflpwnt: “Gender stereotypes exist for us. I’m a stay at home dad. I’ve been called terrible things all because I don’t work like a man should. This happens even though I also collect VA disability because of injuries sustained while in the USMC. I’ve been told I’m not a good role model for my son. Called a degenerate, even though I’m a college graduate. I’ve even been told im not a real man. It’s really really depressing.”

Say something nice

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ViciousKnids: “Being complimented[sic], for any reason, is weird. Men don’t get compliments as frequently as women do. And when we actually are complemented[sic], we believe there might be malice or sarcasm within a compliment where none exist – simply because of the infrequency of it.”

They also have insecurities

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cliffordtaco: “It might just be me but I can never tell whether or not I am at least a semi-attractive person. It’s like I can look at a few women and know which one I think looks the best but if I look at a few guys (save for exceptionally ugly ones), it’s really hard to tell who looks the best. To me they are just dudes and so am I. Hard to know if I’m attractive to women or not and my mind automatically assumes no.”