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13 Images of Clever Dads Winning at Parenting

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“Fatherhood is great because you can ruin someone from scratch.” — Jon Stewart

My dad was the greatest guy I’ve ever known. While he was a surgeon, he made it a priority to spend time with us kids. He was the good cop and passed on his sense of humor. Most other dads get a bad rap when it comes to parenting. The stereotype is that moms do the actual parenting and hard work and then dad swoops in for play time. While that isn’t the case for most couples, the cliché does come from somewhere. Need examples?

baby next to a kiwi

Source: Imgur @Addicted2Groove

Check out these dads who have got this parenting thing down pat.

Nap Time

dad sleeping in crib with baby

Source: Imgur @Addicted2Groove

The big baby can sleep anywhere.

Trashy or Amazing?

man using lawnmower to pull kids on a matress

Source: Imgur @Addicted2Groove

That’s one awesome dad. Multitasking!