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15 Things Girls Wished Guys Would Relax About

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Chill Bro!

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Men and women can be so different sometimes that it’s hard to believe we are part of the same species. Around the time we all go through puberty, men get a lot of preconceived notions about how they should act around women or what they should care about. At some point, us women get real tired of dealing with the same BS. Guys can get so worked up about the stupidest things and it is completely unnecessary.

One person asked the people of Reddit, “Women of reddit, what do you wish guys would relax about?” and here were our responses.

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Check out these responses!!

Minute Man

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How long they last, especially if it’s been a while or something. Obviously it’s nice if it’s longer than 30 seconds, and ideally you’d help your partner finish in other ways if you get off before them….. but 9 times out of 10, every girl I’ve spoken to is kind of flattered (as if she’s so attractive you can’t restrain yourself), while the guy beats himself up. We don’t need a marathon session every time. (partyrockisinthehaus)

Staying Safe

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When women take precautions. It’s not a personal judgment against you when a woman takes precautions on a first date or first meeting. If we insist on the first date being somewhere public or don’t want to give out our home addresses to dudes we just met, it’s almost always because we or someone close to us had a bad experience or close call. I know it can sting if you’re a good guy, but the problem is we have no way of knowing who’s a good guy until we get to know you. I wish so many guys I’ve met wouldn’t take that as a personal insult or get defensive. A friend of mine was assaulted by a guy who gave her a ride home from a first date and “not telling someone I’ve just met my address” is an easy way to mitigate that. It isn’t because of you, we just don’t want to end up on /r/letsnotmeet. (Preditor_Hunter)