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15 Things Girls Wished Guys Would Relax About

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Women are humans not this strange species of ape that you have to learn how to speak Vaginese to. When guys talk to me like they do other guys, don’t apologize for language, and include me in conversation and activities that’s what makes them attractive. It can take practice but try to be forward enough to say when you’re interested in cultivating a friendship and asking them to go out and do fun things. Most relationships aren’t romantic right off the bat and I have always been really turned off by guys that go about it that way. (almasmuhammad)

Is Anybody In There?

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I’m in my early 20s: Seeming “chill.” Whenever I’m talking to some guys they’re so keen on acting like nothing ever phased them! Sometimes, I wonder if they have a robot in their head to automate responses.

Also sounding passionate about something is actually a big turn-on dudes! (Mbvalie)

Cycle Of Life

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Periods. They are a normal bodily function. Kinda gross? Yeah. But I know a lot of guys who think bodily functions are hilarious until someone says the word period. (thevegitations)

This. I’ll sit there and listen to guys talk about the giant shits they take, their farting, and burping, and all sorts of bodily functions that idgaf about, but when I mention the golf ball sized clot that flew out of my hooha last month, I’m the gross one. It was fucking hilarious.