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15 Things Girls Wished Guys Would Relax About

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Everything Is A Competition!

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Competition or dismissiveness in casual arguments. A lot of times (especially when talking to other guys) men constantly seem to try and one-up the other people in the conversation (even in scenarios where the other members are clearly just trying to form a connection with them and aren’t looking to brag). I’m not saying you can’t be competitive or proud of you accomplishments but it gets really old when they’re either constantly boasting about their own accomplishments or downplaying other peoples’. Guys who can compliment other people (especially somebody that doesn’t have power over them, like their boss) seem the most secure and easygoing.

I know everyone does this, not just guys, but I think it’s definitely worth mentioning here because I tend to notice it more when someone’s romantically pursuing you. Don’t downplay or overplay your accomplishments, just give credit where credit is due! (my-stereo-heart)

Size (doesn’t) Matters

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Penis size (beneath_the_bottom)

I’ve found that my male friends care more about other guys’ dick size more than my female friends do. (my_state_of_hate)

Just Relax

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Forcing relationships, I feel like the stereotype is that girls want relationships. But I’ve found it to be the opposite, so many guys either to me or I’ve seen them doing it to someone else get possessive and angsty so early. Even just first meeting in a bar, I just want to tell them to relax and let it be. (royal_rose_)