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15 Unexplainable Questions About Food

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Some questions in life cannot be answered…

There are a million books on food: the science of it, the theory of it, not to mention the slew of cookbooks constantly being produced. But there are just some universal questions about food and eating that cannot be explained. Or maybe you have the answer that unlocks the mysteries of these questions. In which case, you have to let us know in the comments. Check out these curious questions people have about eating.

cookie dough cheesecake

Source: Instagram @foooodieee

Mind. Blown.

How come potato chips are so addicting?

potato chips in two small bowls

Source: Instagram @shino_0921

Truly you cannot eat just one. Once you pop, you can’t stop! Is it the crunchy texture that’s so alluring? Or the salt and other flavorings? Is it because all potato products are heaven sent?

Why are waffle fries better than other fries?

close up of waffle fries

Source: Instagram @how2crave

Some might argue that curly fries are the king of fried potatoes, but they’d be wrong. Waffle fries have that je ne sais quoi that commands you to order and devour them.