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15 Unexplainable Questions About Food

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Why do some beverages taste better through a straw?

cocktail with crazy straw and cherry

Source: Instagram @kath_kos

Except for beer and hot beverages, using a straw it totally fun. But why?

Why do baby carrots taste better than regular ones?

baby carrots next to a sandwich

Source: Instagram @zoe.zoidberg

While those prepackaged baby carrots aren’t actually immature carrots, but large ones shaved down, they are more appealing than carrot sticks.

Why is pizza so good cold?

single slice of cold pizza in box

Source: Instagram @theamyanderson

Don’t get me wrong, nothing beats a hot, cheesy, crispy pizza. But cold bread, sauce and coagulated cheese? It sounds like it would be nasty, but it’s so good for breakfast.