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15 Ways Guys Ruin the First Date But Don’t Know It

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Stop shooting yourself in the foot!

I’ve been on countless first dates. So many that I’m completely comfortable and laid back during them: I don’t get nervous and I have no problem being myself. However, sometimes I forget that my date isn’t the same way. Oftentimes they are nervous and I interpret this as them being boring or uninterested. Sigh.

Dating this day in age is hard! So the women of Reddit and myself are here to help you dudes out on what NOT to do during first dates. And it’s more than just minding your manners.

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As a woman: please do NOT listen to The Pickup Artist!



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“Gets angry when a woman tries to pay then feels entitled to sexual intimacy because he paid.”

Seriously. You do not exchange drinks or food for sex. If you believe this then you are an awful person. And you are the reason “douchebag” came into our vernacular.

Stay Within Your Means

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“I remember my friend who is a very very frugal person take a girl for dinner, with intention of paying. Girl orders $34 chicken but doesn’t eat any, towards the end of dinner he lunged at that chicken and stuffed it down his throat as fast as he could. He told me there was no 2nd date.”

If you are “frugal” maybe just go out for ice cream, coffee or a drink.