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15 Weird Phobias You Probably Already Have

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Everything Is Scary, Everything

The world is a pretty scary place, and as a result there’s lots of things to be scared of. Like heights, public speaking, violent crimes or finding a dead rat in your Subway sandwich (ew).

But the world of phobias doesn’t just stop at the traditional ones – and it turns out we’re naturally wired to be scared of some pretty strange things. How many of these phobias do you actually have? Ten bucks says there’s at least a handful! Too afraid to check?


Source: Instagram @franko_s1989

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Source: Instagram @franko_s1989

Does this picture make you uncomfortable, but you can’t explain why? You might have Trypophobia, commonly referred to as ‘a fear of holes’. Weird right? Just don’t Google it, it’s a surprisingly unfriendly experience. PS – Some people have expanded the definition to the fear of shapes.


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A fear of dinner parties. This seems totally natural to me. If they’re not super fun, they’re totally awkward – and how many times do you really want to answer the questions: “So, how are you doing?” or “What’s in your Netflix queue?” Terrifying.