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17 Christmas Cats Who Are Totally Over the Holidays

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Santa’s Littlest Helpers Are Hating Life

Now that we’re in the throes of the holiday season, it’s time for everyone to get into the Christmas spirit — including our pets. Our furry friends couldn’t be happier with all the extra tissue, ribbons, and ornaments hanging around the house, but little do they know that once we’re done decorating the tree, we plan to decorate them.

And we all know how much cats love being in costume…

We’ve obtained several photos of Santa’s grumpiest little helpers out prepping for the big day.

cat dressed up as santa

Source: Imgur/@seahope

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“Just try putting ribbons under the tree – see how long they last.”

cat dressed as elf

Source: Flickr/smichaelthronton

Harry got rejected from Santa school. He never learned to smile.

“The only presents you’re getting is MY presence.”

cat dressed as elf

Source: Instagram @christmascats

OK, maybe these Christmas elves are having some difficulty embodying the holiday spirit.