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15 Groundbreaking LGBT TV Shows and Movies

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3. Paris is Burning

Paris Is Burning

Credit: Photofest/Off White Productions

In 1991, the documentary took home the grand prize at Sundance for its look into the culture of drag balls in New York City.

The film was a relative hit, making back its budget more than seven times over at the box office.
It provided a unique and rare look into the subculture of the drag ball scene and explored issues like racism, homophobia, AIDS and poverty.

4. Kurt and Blaine from Glee

Blaine and Kurt from Glee

Source: Twitter @klainechill

Glee was full of LGBT empowering moments, and the show’s depiction of Kurt and Blaine’s relationship was one of them. The two leaned on each other too over the harsh bullying they faced.

5. Jack from Dawson’s Creek

Jack McPhee from Dawsons Creek

Credit: Photofest/Warner Bros.Television

The football player dated the beautiful Joey, before realizing he was gay, and admitted as much to his in-denial father in a memorable 1999 episode. In 2000, Jack’s kiss with Ethan was the first male-on-male kiss shown on U.S. network TV.