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15 Groundbreaking LGBT TV Shows and Movies

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9. Rickie from My So-Called Life

Rickie Vasquez

Source: Twitter @bmanuel

ABC’s teen drama ran for only one season in 1994, but remains a favorite of TV critics for its cast (Claire Danes, Jared Leto) and characters like Rickie Vasquez who’s homosexuality wasn’t just used as a plot device like many shows of the time did.

10. Mitch and Cam from Modern Family

Cam and Mitchell

Source: Twitter @LGTBNews

The immensely successful family sitcom’s gay couple has earned praise for their depiction of some of the daily realities gay couples go through, namely the highs and lows of raising an adopted child. Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet have both been nominated for multiple Emmys for their roles.

11. Pedro from The Real World: San Francisco

Pedro from The Real World

Source: Twitter @Fopmag

Pedro Zamora, a Cuban immigrant and AIDS awareness teacher, was an AIDS patient himself, the first openly gay man with the disease on TV. In 1994, Pedro’s commitment ceremony with his partner on the show was the first in TV history. He passed away later that year.