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#1LetterWrongMovie Is Twitter Creativity At Its Best

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It’s Amazing How Much Of A Difference One Letter Can Make

The Twitter world is a fascinating place – thought bursts of 140 characters or less, pictures, and more than 300 million users throwing their thoughts out into the world: the human race sends out more than 500 million tweets PER DAY. Put together those numbers, and the platform is the perfect place for all of the funny people out there to share their jokes with the world. Luckily, #hashtags help create order out of the chaos of more than 500 million Tweets sent out every day.

One such hashtag brought together the Twitterverse last spring: #1WordWrongMovie. Suddenly, funny thumbs were typing furiously all over the world to change just one letter in the title of a popular film to create something completely new. For example…

I mean, come on. Jack Sparrow doing pilates? You can’t write this stuff! Well, I can’t Someone else sure could! For some reason, the hashtag recently resurfaced as I was digging around in the depths of Twitter, and these images are just too hilariously clever NOT to share with the world.

Ready To Have Your Favorite Movies Changed Forever By Twitter’s Finest?


A lot less terrifying than the original, however I might be just as scared if a labrador retriever head-butted me from the depths. But that’s just me.

Harry Putter

The story of one boy’s quest to stop a noseless Tiger Woods from obtaining the Elder Putter. Or something.