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20 Bizarre 90s Toys That Will Give You Intense Nostalgia

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Christmas is a special time of year when – whether we want to or not – we’re forced to reflect back on the ghosts of Christmas past, namely, our childhood. And, since we know deep down that Christmas for kids is all about materialism, now is the season to look back and remember the toys we wanted so desperately way back when… and how they let us down time and time again.


It sees you when you’re sleeping…

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20. Tamagotchi


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Ah, who could forget our first childhood glimpse into the future of technology? You heard that this rare specimen came from Japan in 1996 and you just knew it was legit, so you had to have one. Tamagotchis were pretty cool, but they may have ruined your life for several reasons. Most obviously, your family might not have been able to afford one (who had $17.99 floating around??), in which case the rest of your class probably made fun of you to no end (scarred). On the other hand, maybe you were lucky enough to have a Tamagotchi, or several, but after days of frantically pressing the 3 buttons, your poor ‘pet’ ended up dying surrounded by nothing but its own feces. The worst part? It probably didn’t even bother you because you were already over it.

19. My Size Barbie

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When this ‘toy’ was released back around ’92, you were either terrified of it, or you knew you had to have one. Once you got it, however, you quickly became terrified by the ginormous mannequin that would stare at you while you slept. You probably also learned too late that crayon wasn’t very easily removed from Barbie’s skin. Don’t even get us started on the body image issues. What if ‘My Size Barbie’ wasn’t actually ‘your size’ because you were big boned for your age? A lifetime of insecurity resulted from this toy.