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20 Bizarre 90s Toys That Will Give You Intense Nostalgia

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18. Lite Brite

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Lite Brite was your first introduction to the future of LED lights. It was creative, phosphorescent, and all around awesome. Then you realized that your pictures never looked as good as the ones on the commercial. Then you started losing your light bulbs. Then you ran out of plain screens to puncture. Then Lite Brite was totally useless, and you lost a little piece of your childhood.

17. American Girl Dolls


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If you were a real girl, and if you were a real American, you had to have at least several of these dolls. They are artifacts of American history, not to mention an important symbol of status in the ’90s. Oh, you didn’t have one? Mommy and Daddy too poor? That’s probably what every play-date felt like when your early childhood BFF found out about your lack of AGDs. And if you really want to get into the psychology of it – did you ever stop to think that whichever doll your family gifted to you probably reflected your personality? Let us put it this way: if you had Molly, you were/are a nerd; Felicity meant you were a spoiled brat, but rocked it; and Addy? Yikes, just yikes.

16. Sky Dancers

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These toys were so bada$$ that it’s no surprise you needed to have one, or three or five. How did they ruin your childhood? Perhaps you were one of the 170+ cases of severe injuries caused by Sky Dancers (including a broken rib, temporary blindness, and even facial lacerations that required stitches.) Yeah, maybe that was you. Also, there’s this.