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20% of Americans Don’t Support the Emancipation Proclamation and You Can Guess Who They’re Voting For

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Democrats vs. Republican

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Of course it makes sense that members of the Republican party generally disagree with a Democratic president’s executive order and vice versa. The YouGov poll shows that three in ten Democrats support executive orders in principle, while three in four Republicans do not.

“Those who say they disapprove of executive orders in principle are more likely than those who approve to support executive orders like President George W. Bush’s allowing enhanced interrogation methods after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001,” the YouGov article states. The polling alsos goes on to conclude that only about half of Republican support the executive order of desegregating the military.


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While Donald Trump hasn’t really come out to say the white race is superior, he’s alluded to it with his stance on letting Muslims into the country and his well-known hatred for Mexicans. While he does not support white supremacy groups, they sure do support him. So it doesn’t take a poll to make an educated guess of the 20% opposed to The Emacipation Proclamation will vote for.

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