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20 Saddest Christmas Songs Ever

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18. Blue Christmas – Elvis

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Elvis’ version of this country classic edified it as a classic rock-and-roll holiday hit in 1957. Whose voice could be more perfect for expressing the blues of not being with the one you love during the holidays?

17. The Christmas Shoes – Newsong

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Christian group Newsong’s narrative hit tells the story of a boy trying to buy shoes for his terminally ill mother. Why someone thought this would make a good subject for a Christmas song? No idea! But then CBS decided to make a made-for-TV movie based on the song’s lyrics.

16. The Little Drummer Boy – Johnny Cash

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Having difficulty finding the perfect gift for your grandma? Try being an impoverished child who’s tasked with giving the baby Jesus his first birthday gift. Johnny Cash’s sing-song version of the classic is sparse, simple and sad.