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30 Best Places to Retire in the US

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When hard work pays off.

Retirement is all about enjoying what life has to offer. Years and years of hard work and saving your nickels and dimes have made this very moment worth it. And just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you’re too old to enjoy the fruits of your labor. That’s where the fun begins!

Some retirees set out to travel the world and see the unseen, while others move to different cities where they prepare to grow old. If you’re one of those retirees looking to relocate your family and life, here are a few suggestions of the best places to live.


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Here are the top 30 places to retire

Orange Beach, AL

Guy fishing in Orange Beach, AL

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Orange Beach, Alabama is all about adventure, fun and relaxation. Here, you can enjoy the luxury of living like you’re in Palm Beach, but for half the price. You can enjoy tranquility and save money.

San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA

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California is known for its gorgeous weather, and San Diego is especially beautiful. It’s the best place if you love beautiful homes and close-knit communities. And because the weather is almost always perfect, you can bike, swim, golf, and play tennis most days of the year.