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38 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Veterans

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36. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Credit: Evening Standard/Getty Images

Ex-California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger served in the Austrian Army, which was a requisite for 18-year-old Austrian males at the time. The then-bodybuilder used to sneak out of camp to go compete in the Junior Mr. Europe contests. Schwarzenegger won the competition, but reportedly was caught and forced to spend a few days in military prison as punishment.

35. Audrey Hepburn

Credit: Getty Images

While Audrey Hepburn was vacationing with her mother in Holland, Hitler’s army took over the town in which they were staying. Only a child at the time, Hepburn suffered from malnutrition and depression during the occupation, but somehow was still able to serve as a child courier for WWII resistance fighters in the country.

34. Elvis Presley

Credit: National Archive/Newsmakers

Elvis Presley’s “willingness” to join-up was used massively for the US Army’s public image. After all, if The King signs up, so should you. Two years after “Hound Dog” was drafted he was inducted as a media event, but Elvis insisted on being treated like every other soldier. “The army can do anything it wants with me,” he said. “Millions of other guys have been drafted, and I don’t want to be different from anyone else.”