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5 Easy Ways to Step Up Your Instagram Game

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3. Share Posts With Friends

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Source: Instagram

Ever see that one post in your feed that you NEED to share with a friend or five immediately so you can talk s**t about admire it? Yeah, me too.

But if you’re still screenshotting the whole thing in order to then text it to someone, you’re pretty much living in the Stone Age. Simply click the right arrow option under a given photo, and then direct message (like we talked about before!) the image to whosoever your little heart desires… as long as they have an IG account as well.

2. Filter Your Filters

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Source: Instagram

How many of the 40+ Instagram filters have you actually used? That’s what I thought.

So why bother with the clutter of having to scroll through all those options when you’re just going to use Lo-Fi anyway?

Instagram now lets you customize your filter preferences so that you can keep your favorites handy for that next great Insta. After you’ve selected a photo to post, scroll past all your filters, and all the way to the right you’ll see a cog icon that says “Manage.” Click this, and then select which filters you want to have open at all times, and which ones you’d rather keep closed. Don’t worry though, you can always access the closed ones by clicking “Manage” again at any time.

1. See What You’ve Liked

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THANK THE LORD. This is one of the handiest tools Instagram secretly offers you. Dig a little bit, and you can go back to see all the posts you’ve liked over the past few weeks or months, depending on how many pictures you like a day.

Ever worry if you liked that one post you wish you hadn’t? Or just interested to see what your liking history looks like? It’s easy! Just go to your profile, then click the cog icon on the top right. One of your options is now “Posts You’ve Liked.” Click that, and enjoy!