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5,000-Square-Foot Bomb Shelter Discovered 26 Feet Beneath A Suburban Home

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This house has an extraordinary secret.

How much can you tell about a house simply by seeing it from the street? How many times have you seen a beautiful home and imagined your life inside of it? With this normal-looking house in the Las Vegas suburbs, you’d never expect to find what lies beneath.

At the outset of the Cold War, Americans were taught to expect disaster to strike at any moment. We’ve all seen the images of children learning to crouch and hide under their desks in preparation for an air strike, as well as the engrained image of ’50s families camping out in their fallout shelters.

But when Girard “Jerry” Henderson, a well known businessman and the former director of Avon products, decided to build a bomb shelter for his family, he went all out.

girard henderson las vegas home

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Wait till you see what’s underneath…

On the Surface

girard henderson above ground home

Source: Imgur/ Mikepants

From the street, Henderson’s Las Vegas home looks like any other house. In fact, you probably wouldn’t even suspect anything was different about it unless you took a closer look or knew Henderson personally.

A huge promoter of underground living, Girard Henderson specifically built this home to withstand disaster. As it so happens, the Las Vegas home was designed with magnetic doors; Henderson claimed it was earthquake-proof and bomb-proof.

Looking around the property, you might become suspicious due to the number of air conditioning units outside. Little would you know that they were all being used to make the house’s cool secret even cooler.

Down Under

girard henderson bomb shelter entrance

Source: Imgur/ Mikepants

Once you find a hidden staircase and elevator outside, however, you’ve found the entrance to Henderson’s prized bomb shelter.

Of course, the second you step foot downstairs, you realize that this is no ordinary shelter; instead, you’ve entered an entire underground world.