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6 Major ‘Game of Thrones’ Fan Theories

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Spoiler Alerts Are Coming.

Game of Thrones is finally back, and with 10.7 million viewers for the premiere, the HBO program is setting new records.

HBO’s most popular series of all time, Game of Thrones is simultaneously beloved and loathed by fans for its countless storylines, endless cast of characters, and unpredictable deaths. But if there’s one thing a dedicated fan loves, it’s GoT theories.

With 25 years and thousands of pages of material, readers of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series have long speculated over each character’s significance and fate, and now with millions more addicted to the TV series, fan theories are at an all-time high.

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These will change the way you watch the show…

The High Septon’s True Identity

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The High Septon, also called the High Sparrow, is a formidable adversary to the Lannisters at the moment, and easily the most powerful man in King’s Landing, having refused to anoint King Tommen and with the radical support of the Sparrows, the common folk, and potentially the Faith Militant behind him. But who is this humble man, really?

Though the author acknowledges its improbability, this theory purports that the High Septon is none other than Howland Reed (Jojen and Meera’s father as well as a major Stark supporter).

With his power in the North, not to mention being the only living person to know what happened between Lord Eddard and his sister Lyanna in the Tower of Joy–a major plot point for theories around the Targaryen legacy and even Jon Snow’s parentage–Howland Reed remains a mysterious yet crucial character to several storylines in the novels and show.

If the High Septon were actually a disguised Howland Reed (the theory draws connections between character descriptions from the books), it could lead to a totally unexpected shift of power in King’s Landing. As always, the North remembers.

Daario’s True Identity

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Daenerys’s handsome lover in Mereen, complete with a full backstory about his childhood in the fighting pits and manhood as a sellsword, Daario Naharis is an important character with dubious motives.

This theory offers up that he may actually be Euron Greyjoy, self-titled King of the Isles and the North, or at the very least, a warlock or sellsword hired by Euron or Victarion in their quest to woo Daenerys, capture her dragons, or align their causes.