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6 Most Anti-Gay Politicians in the United States

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With Liberty and Justice for Some.

When you stop and take a look at all the social progress society has made over the past decades–or even over the past several years–it should warm your heart to see just how far we’ve come from days of legal bigotry and hatred. That being said, there are still those among us who would rather remain in the past, clinging steadfastly to outdated social norms and exclusive lifestyles. Unfortunately for us, many of these people are politicians in the United States.

Everyone has the right to believe in whatever they choose, but throughout history, we’ve seen time and time again that any group that thinks itself superior to anyone else or is specifically prejudiced against any other group is never right in the long run. The fact that we can still be biased against other factions of society for simple biological or cultural reasons in 2015 is fairly mind-blowing, until you realize just how prevalent these hateful people are.

In American politics, when it comes to gay rights, the biggest issue you’ll hear about today is gay marriage. The majority of politicians on this list are huge advocates of “traditional marriage,” so while they claim their stances aren’t anti-gay, their actions would say otherwise.

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Start the slideshow below to see which American politicians are the biggest antigay advocates in Washington and around the country. Do they have your vote?

6. Sarah Palin

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Sarah Palin quickly rose to infamy for her outspoken and often contradictory statements after she ran for vice president alongside Mitt Romney in 2008. Known for her confusing arguments and flip-flopping on stances, the former Governor of Alaska has remained staunchly against gay marriage.

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Alaska became one of the first states to pass a constitutional ban on gay marriage, which Palin–who was a mayor at the time–agreed with. During her campaign for governor, she often iterated her support for this ban.