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6 Most Anti-Gay Politicians in the United States

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Furthermore, Rand Paul has used the word “gay” to mean “stupid,” such as when he stated “Call me cynical, but I didn’t think [Obama’s] views on marriage could get any gayer.” He’s also said that varying from traditional marriage has led to a moral crisis in the United States, and that we need another Great Awakening so that people can repent from their untraditional ways.

4. Michele Bachmann

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Former member of the House of Representatives and current hopeful for the Republican nomination, Michele Bachmann proposed a ban on recognizing same-sex couples in Minnesota, saying that God had told her to do so.

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In her rants against gays, Bachmann has warned that the gay agenda plans to abolish the age of consent, thereby embracing child rape. She also says that the gays will legalize polygamy and enact “hate speech laws across the United States” that will attack the more traditional community.