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6 Reasons Why We Think Justin Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian Are Dating

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Is The Biebs Really Hooking Up With Kourtney?

justin bieber and kourtney kardashian

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Scott Disick is going to be pissed!

Up in the higher echelons of celebrity social circles the dating pool just seems to be getting smaller and smaller. The latest rumored couple to hit headlines? 21-year-old Canadian pop icon Justin Bieber and 36-year-old reality star, ex of Scott Disick AKA Lord D., Kourtney Kardashian.

But are the rumors true? Here’s what we know so far and why we think this match might be happening. It makes more sense than you might think!

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Instagram Taunt

justin bieber and kourtney kardashian

Source: Instagram @justinbieber

The most recent proof we have of a bond going on behind the scenes between these two pop icons is an Instagram post that the “Boyfriend” singer recently posted to his IG. The photo shows Biebs intimately straddling a woman over the hood of his black Audi. The photo was captioned “Lord knows…” which many thought to be a taunt to Kourtney K.’s infamous ex, “Lord Disick.” While it turned out the photo boasted another girl entirely, the purposeful mysteriousness and the taunting language still seems to send a curious message. Is Bieber prepping us, and Disick, for the big news?

Late Night Hotel Hangout

kourtney kardashian

Source: Instagram @kourtneykardashian

This past weekend Kourtney and Biebs were spotted out together at at Nice Guy nightclub in LA. Not only were they reportedly acting more than a little flirty inside the club — some reports say they were making out — but then they also took the party back to Beverly Hills at The Montage where Bieber was staying. Kourtney didn’t make her exit until 4AM in the morning, and we all know nothing innocent happens after 1AM in the morning!