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6 Workplace Stories That Will Make You Appreciate Your Job

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You just gotta do what you gotta do

Have you ever worked at a job you hated? A job that was so bad you couldn’t stand to get out of bed and show up every morning? And even if you didn’t hate your actual role, the clients and/or customers were so horrible that they made your workdays a living hell?

The employees over at Buzzfeed know a thing or two about this. And no, they don’t hate their jobs now, but they worked at prior jobs that were very interesting, to say the least. We’ve compiled a list of the craziest stories people have witnessed at their not-so-great jobs.

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These are perfect examples of when the job is tough, you just gotta do what you gotta do.

The co-worker who always has a sad story

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“When I was 16, I worked in the accounting department of my small hometown bank with a bunch of ladies who were all at least three times my age. Every day, we shared stories of our aches and pains, our newest medications, and how our children had disappointed us once again that week. Normal stuff. They were fun, except for one woman — I’ll call her Gloria — who constantly commandeered our conversations to say something so horrifically sad, we’d be forced sit in silence for the rest of the day, just to process what psychological hell she’d just unleashed upon our souls.

One day, we were talking about vacations we’d taken, and Gloria decided to tell us the story of one family trip: They were camping. They’d left their dog in the tent while they were out foraging. The tent was elevated, I guess to keep it away from bears or forest robbers or whatever bad things that happen when people go camping. It was all fine and fun. UNTIL… they came back to their site and found that their dog had jumped out of the tent, still attached to its leash, and HANGED ITSELF while they were away.

Literally, in the middle of a regular conversation about vacations, Gloria managed to slip in a fun anecdote about how her dog committed suicide while camping.”

The rude and ignorant co-worker

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“I had a coworker who passive-aggressively gave me shit about wearing my hair in a big, naturally curly afro. She would introduce me to people as ‘Tracy with the craaAAAaazy hair!’ I came to the office with it straightened once and when she saw me she gasped dramatically and said, ‘OH, you look so professional now!’ Still not sure how I managed to not leap over my desk and attack her. Days later, I saw her in the kitchen with the nozzle of the communal can of whipped cream in her mouth.”