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$687,089 Raised in 4 Days to Send Alton Sterling’s Children to College

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Hope for the Future

The country is in a frenzy. People are crying out over deadly acts of police brutality. Protesting, riots and arrests began with the police execution of two innocent black men. Alton Sterling was one of these men. Some are trying to do something positive for his family in the wake of the tragedy.

Silence is Violence protestor

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Alton’s death won’t be in vain.

A Tragic Story

Alton Sterling protest

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Alton Sterling was wrongly killed by police. He was pinned to the ground by officers before being shot in the chest multiple times. He was armed, but was not reaching for his weapon. It was not even physically possible in the position in which he was held. The whole incident was captured on camera and quickly proliferated social media.

The Streets Run Red

Baton Rouge Police Protest

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Citizens are refusing to take this death lightly and have taken to the streets to protest police brutality and the Baton Rouge police department. One police officer pointed her assault weapon at a crowd of protesters until another officer asked her to put it down.