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7 Signs He’s Not That Into You Anymore

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Girl, it’s time to move on.

Having a significant partner is pretty amazing. You have a designated person who doubles as a friend to do all sorts of cool things with and a lover to get it on with. It’s great to have someone who enjoys spending time with you as much as you enjoy spending time with them. But that’s only if he’s truly into you. But how can you tell when you’re blinded by his charm and your love for him.

How would you know if your man actually likes binge watching Jane the Virgin or the way you like to be the big spoon when you’re in bed? These signs pretty much show that he just isn’t that into you like he used to be.

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Whether you’re official or just dating, he’ll give off these signs.

He Wants One Thing

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One of the biggest signs that your guy is not into you is when he only calls for sex. Uh, if you get a call after midnight and he wants to “chill,” 9 times out of ten he just wants to bone. That is, unless he works super long hours and can’t get to his phone at any other time during normal hours. Yeah, sure.

He Always Has Excuses


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If you’re always planning fun stuff for you guys to do but he always has a “reason” for why he can’t make it, it’s not that he’s actually that busy, he just doesn’t want to be bothered. If he doesn’t have enough time for you, move along. Even superstars put time aside for a date night with their significant others.