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8 Necessary Urban Survival Tips

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If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready

Are you a city dweller who hasn’t caught up on the ins and outs of city life? Let’s face it: We’re living in some pretty, cray times, and to get around, you need to know what and what not to do. Whether it’s walking down the street, catching a train, or coming in contact with people, we’ve compiled a list of ways to survive urban life’s most awaiting moments.

Urban Survival Tips - FEAT

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Here’s what to do if you’re in a town or city

Watch Out for People with Umbrellas

Urban Survival Tips


Ever walk down the street with your head buried in your phone? If it’s raining, you may wanna look ahead while walking. An umbrella poke to the forehead is no joke. Keep your head up!

If Someone Offers You His Rap CD, Keep Walking and Pretend You Didn’t Notice Him

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No, sir, I do not want to hear you talk about the girl you screwed the night before, nor do I want to hear your lies about all the money you have. Because, let’s be honest: That’s why you’re here, right?