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8 Pieces Of Advice You Would Give Your Younger Self About Sex

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Lessons on lessons on lessons…

I remember being in Mrs. Bonner’s 10th grade Geometry class, huddled in a group with my friends doing a “class exercise.” Yeah, right. Those class exercises turned into dish sessions of juicy details on first kisses, losing virginities and everything in between.

Being so inexperienced, I was all ears, ready to live vicariously through my friends. Now that I’m older, I look back and ask myself, “What were you thinking?” If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have been so eager to anticipate my “moment.”

Dear Younger Me...

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Here’s the sex advice I’d give to my younger self or any younger person I know…

You can get STDs through oral sex, too… be aware!


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…and through deep kissing, and if you use a condom.

Condoms aren’t always super secured, and if they aren’t worn properly, it doesn’t do much justice. If you have no intention on wearing protection, you shouldn’t do the deed. Of course, there are those “in the heat of the moment” moments, but if you aren’t ready to care for a baby or a life long infection, wrap it up!

Girls orgasm, too!

Woman's hand going in her pants

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He’s not the only one. You just have to find out what you like. MASTURBATE. It’s not a shameful thing to do; It actually helps. Take time out to explore your body and learn what makes you get there.