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8 Things That Were Funny 1000 Years Ago and Still Are

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Funny doesn’t go out of style

Who doesn’t like a good laugh? Whether it’s slapstick, puns or a good story, we can’t get enough of them. While most of today’s humor are situational or societal, there are somethings that were always funny. Like farts and poo (though it isn’t funny to some people, but don’t hang out with those people). These Redditors made educational guesses of what has and will always be funny to us.

cute drawing of business man farting

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Knock, knock? Nah

Pain Is Funny

spruce tree branch close up

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Pulling a branch when you’re walking past it and then letting it hit the person behind you. Pretty sure that would have been one of the earliest practical jokes. (Ceithirfichead)


colorful houses in snow greenland

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The Vikings must have had a good chuckle when they named an island covered by glaciers ‘Greenland’. (laterdude)