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9 Mind-Boggling Mysteries That Still Remained Unanswered to This Very Day

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Will the unexplained ever be explained?

People have the feeling of being baffled or perplexed by things that have no answers. Whether it’s unknown phenomena, or the disappearance of an integral figure in society, these strange occurrences puzzle us to no end. Maybe that’s just the way things are supposed to be and we shouldn’t question what we can’t control. These stories are the perfect examples of unsolved mysteries that may never be figured out.

Take a look for yourself.


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See Which Mysteries Continue to Keep Our Minds Racing.

Raining Meat?


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In 1876, it mysteriously rained meat in Bath County, Kentucky. You gotta admit, raining bacon would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

A Super-Mini Skeleton


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This skeleton was found outside of a Chilean ghost town. At first, many thought that the creature was perhaps an alien, but in actuality, it was a human. Measuring only 6-8 inches, nobody knew of its origin, size, or body structure.