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A Beating At A Donald Trump Rally

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Violence instead of dialogue

Everyday Donald Trump and his supporters are in the news. If it’s not for something ridiculous he says or does, it’s how zealous his supporters are. His political rallies for his presidential campaign are known to be over the top with fans who tend to be conservative to the extreme. They include racists and anti-immigration folks.

This video from a recent Trump rally by a college student shows how worked up people get over politics. Especially over their views on The Donald.

donald trump

Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images

The question for Trump supporters is why resort and subject oneself to violence?

What happened?

trump protestor burning flag

Credit: Jonathan Gibby/Getty Images

A Trump protester at the Arizona rally this past Saturday was carrying a sign showing “Trumps face with a confederate flag over it.” According to ABC News, the sign also read “Trump is Bad for America.”

Trump supporter

trump and supporters at mobile rally

Credit: Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images

Obviously the sign would rub pro-Trumpers the wrong way. In a crowd that is already worked up, adrenaline is high. One man named Tony Pettway, 32, took so much offense to the sign and the protestor he promptly hit the man and kicked him while he was down. It is of note that the anti-Trump man was white and his attacker was black. Most Trump fans tend to be Caucasian. Pettway was immediately arrest and charged with assault with injury.