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A Dutch Teacher Gets Fully Unclothed to Better Educate Her Students

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Story by: Elie Lichtschein/Storyful

A Dutch biology teacher recently got the attention of her students in an unusual way — by unclothing herself through wearing form-fitting clothes with a skeleton and the muscle make up of a human on them to teach her class about the human body.

Pictures of the stunt by the teacher, named as Debby Heerkens by local media, were uploaded to Facebook on October 8 by the Facebook page for Groene Hart scholen (Green Heart schools), where she works in the Dutch region of Rijnwoude. A translation of a comment that accompanies the images reads: “Ms. Heerkens there is always something special! Biology in ninth grade at Green Heart Rijnwoude.”

A video anonymously uploaded to Vidme shows Heerkens standing on her desk, and removing her clothing to reveal the muscle clothes underneath. As she lectures, she gestures both to her body as well as at a PowerPoint presentation behind her. This appears to be Heerkens’ Facebook page.

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