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A Girl Kept All the Sexts Frat Boys Sent Her and Turned Them Into an Epic Song

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“Texts From A Beta”

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Not surprisingly, reactions to this are twofold. On one hand, there’s the shock of the explicit lyrics, and the realization that boys who this girl actually knows send her texts like this.

On the other hand, once you’re over the shock, you begin to appreciate what a masterful little creation and production this is. I lost it once the background singers came in, and the violin solo/ emotional outro were both just poetic.

But the song is so much more than a display of fraternity brothers’ frankness and desperation, and even more than just an exposé of the collegiate millennial hookup culture.

The Takeaway

texts from a beta featured

Source: YouTube/ GDI Productions

What this song really represents is how one young woman was able to take something disgusting and degrading and use the very same words in her own power. Similarly to how comedians like Amy Schumer take insults cast against them (e.g., slut-shaming) and use them to empower themselves, this student has created something much bigger out of petty texts.

She also proves that recipients need not always be offended by dumb sexual texts, and that, much like celebrities reading angry tweets about themselves, setting the sexts to music reveals their inherent absurdity.

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