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Adorable Kid Can’t Control His Hiccups During the National Anthem

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Talk About a Hiccup…

Imagine standing before a crowd of hundreds—not to mention thousands watching at home via TV—with all eyes on you. Then disaster strikes.

It was probably one of the biggest moments of seven year old Ethan Hall’s life when he was asked to perform the Australian national anthem at a recent baseball game.

Little did he know that his performance would coincide with an uncontrollable case of the hiccups. Most performers would probably panic or even shy away, but Ethan plowed through with adorable resolve.

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Source: Twitter @MTV2

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From the Adelaide Bite

Even as the trumpets started before Ethan’s performance of “Advance Australia Fair,” the little boy emitted a hiccup that would have sent most performers running toward the hills. Still the announcers at the Adelaide Bite home game at Cooper’s Stadium in Adelaide, Australia knew what a little champion they had on their hands the moment he began to sing. Ethan’s angelic voice was surpassed only by the hearts he melted when he plowed through the national anthem, even with a bad bout of the hiccups.

To the Brisbane Bandits

Even the opposing team acknowledged what a trooper young Ethan was, calling him the “best anthem singer we’ve seen.” Not too shabby for a career hiccup that could have seriously marred some people’s performances.