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Adulting: Things Every Person Needs to Know

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“Men are born to succeed, not to fail.” – Henry David Thoreau

There are some basic facts of modern Western life that adults have to know. Besides learning how to make mac ‘n cheese and how to drive a car, there are some things to learn that aren’t quite common sense, but are still life skills everyone expects you to know. From different tie knots to how to appreciate a good beer, we’ve created these handy infographs to help you help yourself.

guide to coffee infograph

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Get these down pat and you’ll be useful, stylin’ and come off as the smartie pants you really are

Stop Arguing, Here’s Your Steak


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Soon you’ll be able to cook a steak to perfect temperature without carving it open (and letting the juices out). You can also look up which temps are optimum for the cut of steak. For example, filet mignon should be rare or medium rare and flank steak is too chewy when above medium.

No, we all can’t wear aviators


Credit: David Rosa for Consumed Media

Need help determining your face shape? The ladies at a beauty counter in a department store can help you. Or an artist.