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Brand Stops Photoshopping Models, Sales SKYROCKET?!

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Why retouch beauty?

One major problem you hear about constantly in the fashion industry today is photoshopping.

Not only does drastically altering photos constitute as a grossly accepted form of false advertising, but seeing such slim and unrealistically skinny models plastered on every advertisement is downright unhealthy. And who are the real victims?

Often, those who are most susceptible to the pressure caused by perfectly photoshopped images–pressure to look better, pressure to lose weight, pressure to eat less, pressure to change–are children. According to Mirror Mirror, the photoshopped looks we see on many models make us feel like we’re too large, and while adults are more capable of separating reality from photoshopped-fiction, children and teenagers succumb more easily to the pressure and self-consciousness. Even the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) cites the media as a contributing factor to eating disorders across the nation.

Now, one popular fashion retailer is making strides to improve the self confidence of its young clientele, and their profits are soaring along the way.

aerie no photoshop mixed models on beach

Source: Instagram @aerie/ @poorlittleitgirl

Check out their incredible campaign!


aerie no photoshop polka dot bathing suit

Source: Instagram @aerie/ @LoeyBug

Founded in 2006, Aerie is a sub-brand of American Eagle Outfitters that specifically targets American women ages 15-25 with intimate apparel and loungewear.

Comprising some of the biggest shoppers in the country, this demographic is also difficult to try and sell to because of the changing identities and needs women of these ages express. In recent years, however, the company found that it wasn’t the merchandise that was posing an issue: it was the way in which they approached their shoppers.

That’s when they made a promise to customers and launched their bold new campaign…

Aerie Real

aerie no photoshop girls on bridge

Source: Instagram @aerie

Aerie Real is a body image-driven campaign that launched in 2014 with a brave new approach to advertising: the company vowed that they would no longer use supermodels and that they would furthermore stop digitally retouching the models in their promotional photos and ads.

This led to an immediate and drastic change from within the company that began empowering customers by featuring real people and not models on their site. For example, on Aerie’s Instagram account, shoppers can upload their own photos in Aerie clothes for the company to regram and share with its 538 thousand followers.

This amazing tactic allows for unparalleled realism in the company’s social media campaign, showcasing a variety of young women of all different body types, skin colors, hairstyles, and fashion senses.